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Turn 'maybe' customers into


sign-me-up customers'

For brands who want more sign-ups for their products and services
with the power of copywriting, storytelling,
email marketing, and automation.


Foreplay Copy Newsletter - Your wordsmith friend that sends you an email each week with the most cheeky, coveted email marketing tips and tricks on the PG-rated web! 

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Stay Connected (without appearing clingy)

You’re excited to share and learn more about your subscribers that took you so much effort to build but you don’t want to be overbearing and send too many emails making you look desperate, worst, to come off creepy, only to be ghosted. It’s not quantity but quality. Staying connected is not sending a million boring emails that say nothing in hopes to build a relationship. The difference is what you write in those emails. Yes, there is an art to staying connected and not spamming, But…how? Enter: A little thing we call

Foreplay Copy. 

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Attract Clients Who’ll Fall Madly In Love With You, Effortlessly

Our words hold power—both good and bad. Writing things people love to hear isn’t complicated, in fact, the most powerful words or phrases are pretty small. We’ve all heard the saying, “choose your words wisely” which is true both in speaking and writing. We help you flip the script to make every word count writing email love letters that will have your subscribers begging for more.

Relax Knowing Your Email Storytelling Cocktails Are Mixed to Perfection Ready to be Opened and Read

Things you can stop worrying about: feeling guilty for not knowing what to say in your emails; feeling shame at sounding like a robot; frustration at not having the time to write; stress from not knowing if you’ll sell out your program; and worrying that you spent all this time developing your course, only to have 2 sign-ups and one is your Mom …. Instead, enjoy knowing your emails will light up, inspire, and empower your subscribers to take action. Wake up and look forward to checking your bank account. And know that your emails are powering all of this, like a machine, even when you sleep. It won’t

Christmas Cocktail
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Before working with Barbara, I was struggling to stay connected with my contacts via email. She helped me leverage my list by writing the most engaging emails that seemed to read their minds. They paid attention, got excited, and took action – signing up for my programs and offerings. She helped me turn my many “maybe” clients into “yes” clients that I love to work with!  She really proves what a difference the right person on the team can make. I am so grateful to Barbara and recommend her 100%! 

Sarah McLean 
Best Selling Author and Founder of the McLean Meditation Institute

Hi, I'm Barbara

I love all things marketing and writing, which makes a perfect combination for an email marketing strategist. 

Let's turn your “maybe” clients into “yes” clients that you love to work with!  

You can learn more about me here.

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Here's  Who We Can Help

  • You've got to have an email list...of course!

  • You've got to have a product or service people actually want and buy.

  • You've got to be making some money. Email marketing can't build your business from scratch.

  • You've got to be cool and fun to work with. 

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We’re not holding back & It’s 100% Free

Foreplay Copy Newsletter - We’re on a mission to hook you up, so your emails are as creative, unique, and stunning as you are. We’ll be sharing all the best hacks, tips, and tricks, plus examples of the highest-converting emails templates on the internet that will make you mo money$$

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